Day1 Workgroups

Business for a positive impact

Day1 Workgroups are part of the Day1 Movement

  • Brave organizations and People are needed as role models to lead in the current technological shift, impacting both businesses and workers
  • Organizations can join a workgroup, pick a topic that resonates within their organisation, make proposals, implement & share them with many other companies
  • Each group is constituted of 6 entities and is led by a Day1 consultant. Meetings are online (videoconferences) to gather CEOs, NGOs etc from all over the globe
  • Groups will gather at least once a year at the annual Day event!
  • It costs 15€K annually for each member. Only 6€K after tax rebate.



  • Impact investing: How can we make meaningful investments?
  • Job Mutation, training & upskilling: tools and strategies to help people to adapt to changes in their jobs
  • Africa- South America- Europe: Building cross regional projects with positive impact
  • B-Corp and Purpose Companies: How to become one? The companies with experience share it with you.
  • Inclusive Mobility: In partnership with Movin’On.
  • Future of Work: independent job, digital platform models and their impact on labour.



Non exhaustive list of early participants in our Work Groups:
Deliveroo (Future of work), BNP (tools for mutation), Orange (tools for mutation)
Accenture (mutation), Amundi (Companies with a purpose, B-Corp),
Davidson(Companies with a purpose, B-Corp), Dassault (leadership Européen),
Natixis Payment (leadership Européen), Renault (learedership Européen),
Merck (Africa, Latin America, Europe), Allianz (mutation),
Yves Rocher (Companies with a purpose, B-Corp),
Danone (Companies with a purpose, B-Corp), La Poste (mutation),
ECP (Africa, Latin America, Europe), EDENRED (Africa, Latin America, Europe)
Aezan (disruptive tech and mutation), Adecco, Manpower (mutation), Huawei (mutation)
SITEL (disruptive tech and mutation), Sage (SMEs), Sales Force (mutation for good)….

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