Day One Movement

Day One is a movement where tomorrow starts today, to reassure the world as it is increasingly questioned by powerful technologies. Take your organization to the next level while helping the world to adapt.

A Movement where tomorrow starts today

You can join the Day One Movement through the Foundation, Clubs, WorkGroups, Event or in 2021 The Mutation Training Campus.
Check them all !! 

Day One Work Groups

You can join a Work Group to impact the world
Each work group takes a decision and implement it within its organization
You share them with the rest of the world

Day One Clubs

4 Day One Clubs worldwide in 2021, 6 in 2022
Participate to projects with an impact
Build a worldwide network of entrepreneurs and decision makers
Take decisions with a positive impact
Meet the most powerful and innovative entrepreneurs

Day One Event

1 Event in Europe
3 partner Events worldwide (Rio, Montreal, NYC, SF)
An action based Event. Unique of its kind.

Day One Foundation

Design the most comprehensive and efficient live job mutation barometer in the world and offer strategic tools to corporations and governments